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Our products
We make pillows, mattresses, top mattresses and ergonomic sleep accessories. 95% of our products are produced in our own factory in Zevenbergen in the Netherlands. We pay attention to every detail, from design, filling material and cover to packaging. 
Our memory foam is unique and hard to beat as regards comfort properties. Together with our partner we carefully developed and tested this product for use in our pressure relieving mattress toppers and pillows.
 Our covers are luxurious and highly functional. Most of them can be zipped off and machine washed. Cover materials are selected to maximise comfort, such as stretch velour. Many covers have temperature regulating properties.

A quick look on our main product groups:
Comfort Pillows
Classically shaped, well supporting pillows with flaked memory foam andlatex filling.

Ergonomic Pillows
A variety of preformed core pillows made of memory foam, latex or polyether. Typical for these pillows is their neck supporting shape, stimulating a straight and healthy sleep position.

Mattress Toppers
Our state-of-the-art Mattress Toppers are healthy pressure relieving layers of comfort, extending the lifetime of any mattress. Most mattress toppers have a Memory foam core.

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